POWER AO - The most easy to use animation overrider in SL.

  • add animations by simply throwing them onto the ao!
  • no complicated configuration notecards
  • hyper advanced cloud computing technology
  • fully featured dance HUD included

The PowerAO does automaticaly recognize ANY animation you put into !
No matter where they come from, who created it or what permissions they have.

Frequently asked questions / Info / troubleshooting:

  • how to use the HUD ?
  • how to add animations ?
  • what is cloud computing ?
  • how can i see / change the HUDâ€ôs configuration ?

  • about the dance mode

  • i am not able to drag animations into the hud
  • The HUD does not react when i click it / seems frozen
  • the HUD says â€útouchedâ€Ě everytime i do something
  • THE HUD pops up a dialog when i type in chat
  • i get new updates every time i log on

support/bug report form:

if you have other questions or need support on the AKEYO POWER AO fill out this form: